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Dibendu Nag the anarchy is born and brought up in Calcutta/Arunachal Pradesh/shillong where he received his education/practice/training at his childhood. Mr. Dibendu Nag cleared his high school study in 1987 from New Delhi. He received his BSC in physics and philanthropy from oxford university and established national open school NOS in 1992 & IGNOU in 1993. Dr. Dibyendu Nag is the founder /father of distance education& open education under the University Grant Commission UGC. In 1988 Prof. Dr. Dibyendu Nag received his engineering Degree from Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology (HIET) and completed three years of Post-Graduate study in practical physics and quantum physics from Harvard university in 1995. And take the responsibility of the Institute of Engineers(INDIA). He have also done PHD in human rights-Human Resources from the United Nation Institute for Training And Research. unitar in 1999 and join the UN as director general. Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag have received his MD from the Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine. IIAM in 2003 and invented Tele-medicine for all therapy. Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag is the tenant of IT(Internet-Technology) & IT of 21st century information technology. He is also probably known as the king of mass media & multimedia. At present he is in United Nation & NATO as the director general of UN peace keeping force. Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag is also a sportsman with a vision of healthcare and Olympics sports data. He is the champion of the world anti-doping agency. WADA and executive member of IOC & ICC . Dr. Nag have completed his martial arts training under the supervision of master chew choo soot and received sachidan 8th Dan Red Black belt. He is also the six sigma black belt management professional and the pioneer of the world black belt bureau.
Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag started hismartial arts training at the early vintage year of 1976; since he came across Chinese Kempo Karate and the Traditional Budokan Karate International Foundation was founded jointly by Hanshi Mr. Dibyendu Nag & Grandmaster Mr. Chew Choo Soot in 1991, together with several similarly-minded people, forming the World Budokan Federation. WBF since 1995. The three ideograms of Budokan stands for Stability, Hardness, Thoroughness, house & home. Budokan is a house with Solid Foundations. Kuan Bu-Ik Wushu Koon International. KBIWKI encompasses personal, moral and ethical guidelines identical to those described by our Grandmaster Sir.
Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag.
Presidential Testimonial


All things, ideas, events, and so forth, are "empty," meaning they do not cause or define themselves, but arise and cease due to conditions.

Under close scrutiny even the most rationally constructed positions and systems--including Buddhism--are demonstrably incoherent and irrational.

Things can never adequately be explained either in terms of themselves or in terms of their relations to other things.

No entity arises from itself, from another, from both itself and another, or from neither itself nor another.

All thinking presupposes the categories "identity" and "difference," but these categories are incoherent and have no referent.

Language does not refer to things, but is self-referential.

There are two levels of discourse, the conventional and the ultimate; one learns the letter through the former, and realizes Nirvana on the basis of the latter.

Our deepest emotional and existential problem stem from clinging to cognitive positions and presuppositions.

The deep-seated, driving propensity to create the illusions of conceptual order through self-justifying rationalizations can be overcome eliminated.


The Supreme One is personality and creates the world and its people for self--expression.

The Supreme and humanity are related by mutual love.

The Same stream of life runes throughout the universe.

The whole objective of human being is to free the personality from the contraction of self in desire into the expression of soul in love.

Religion should establish unity in diversity.

Modern civilization has gathered its wealth and missed its well--being.

True education must aim at freedom from ignorance of laws of the universe and freedom from passion and prejudice.

Yours in Martialyogarts,
Prof.Dr.Dibyendu Kumar Nag.(N.D).PhD.DCO.MD.PsC.D.Min. 
Black Red Belt 8Th Dan BUDO